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Sites I Find Interesting...

Bodybuilding & Fighting

Conan Stevens, Giant Actor
Bodybuilder, wrestler, and actor, Conan is 7' 1/4" tall and 315 lbs! Check out his site and keep updated on his film work as well as his bodybuilding and wrestling career.

Morphed Muscle
Photoshop-enhanced bodybuilding photography.  SIZE RULES here! Adult membership required to enter.

Heavy Sports
An online magazine from the world of strength competition, arm wrestling and powerlifting.

UFC.TV - The Ultimate fighting Championship's Official Site
The place to keep updated on the fighters and event times of the UFC.

The Road Warriors Inc.
Wrestling's biggest, baddest tag team ever!  Hawk and Animal brought muscle and mayhem to the ring like nobody else.

Hugo Girard
The home page of one of the world's strongest men.  He is also the subject of a movie called "Strongman" - find out more here.

Heinz Ollesch
The home page of Germany's strongest man, Heinz Ollesch.  In German.

Animal Pak
Hardcore training and supplements.  Gritty, arty black and white photos of  a bodybuilder's training journey.

Gay Themes

Entertainment for Bears and the furry at heart.

Bear Nerd
A Brazilian bear blog.

Samstag ist ein guter Tag
The German blog of fellow artist and writer Rainer.

Compete, The Gay Sports Magazine
A magazine for those in the gay community who follow and/or participate in sports.

N Touch News Magazine
Phoenix based magazine for the LBGT community.

Off Chute Too
Phoenix's only LBGT superstore. Clothing, cards, leather and fetish wear, and much, much more.

Adult Themes (There may be nudity and sexual situations in the links below.)

Big is Better
A gay online erotic comic by American author XH4M and Chinese manga artist SONG. The sweet natured muscle giant Samson and "giant" Pete meet and try to connect with each other.

Class Comics
Erotic gay comics in printed and digital editons. The home of Camili-Cat, Deimos, and others.

Dale Lazorov, Comics Writer
The writer of Sticky, Manly and other gay male erotic comics

Desert Knight News
A newspaper for the leather and fetish communities. Get your kink on!

The Chute
A private men's health club in Phoenix.

Bear Magazine
Proudly masculine men with lots of body and facial hair! Magazines, DVDs, calendars and more.

Buff's Tuff Talk
A blog from a top man's perspective.

A social networking site for musclebears and admirers.  Also check out the affiliated site, Leatherbear.com (see banner ad below.) Many have competed in various power meets and the Gay Games.

Morphed Muscle
Photoshop-enhanced bodybuilding photography.  SIZE RULES here! Adult membership required to enter.

Muscle Worship 
A pay site specializing in muscleman videos in a Quicktime format.  Also has chat, forums and artist galleries.

Jeff's Muscle Studio
My physique art site, with drawings of bodybuilders, strongmen and the ever-popular giants! Hearts & Iron and other comics are here. Some risque content.

Comics & Art

Michelangelo Buonarroti
The life and career of Michelangelo Buonarroti, Italian master painter/sculptor/architect.

A French bear art site, with galleries of many international artists (including your humble webmaster.)

Age of Bronze

Cartoonist Eric Shanower and his continuing graphic novel of the Trojan War, Age of Bronze.

The Neal Gaiman Home Page 
The home page of Sandman scripter and novelist, Neil Gaiman.

Prehistorics Illustrated 
Galleries of artists specializing in dinosaurs and other prehistoric life.

Gay League Of America
A fan site for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered comic book fans and creators.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Fight censorship! Check out this non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the 1st Amendment rights of creators and retailers in comics. 

his form in line
Very cool drawings of hot, rough and tough men. 

Prism Comics
Biographies and art samples from many of the out creators in the comic industry.

Gay Art Directory
Directory for gay artists, painters, photographers, literature, writers, comics, male models,  gay search  engine, portal, organizations, personals sites, lesbians, bears and businesses.

GB Morphs
Wonder what a 30 inch arm or an 80 inch chest would really look like?  Check out this site of expertly morphed muscle photos and find out!  Superhumanly huge bodybuilders, wrestlers and strongmen.

Howard Cruse
A pioneer in gay and unnderground comics, artist/writer Howard is the creator of Barefootz, Wendel, the graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby. See these and more of his work at his home page.

Mike Welton Fine Art 
The home page of Minnesota oil painter Mike Welton. Mike paints scenes of urban environments and architecture. 

Spontoon Island
Funny animal cartoons, seaplanes, a 1930's island adventure - they're all on Spontoon Island. Comics, graphics and stories explore an invented island history populated by furry toons.

Wuvable Oaf
Ed Luce's comic about a bearish, furry dude called Oaf, pals Li'l Papa, Smusherrr and Bufu, and an assortment of kitties.

Adam and Andy
A domestic life comic strip about Adam Reeves and Andy Brooks.

Jeff Jacklin
An online portfolio of my design and production work.

Cool Stuff...

MERVA 1932 Pilothouse Cruiser
A chronicle of the restoration and current voyages of Canadian vessel Merva.

DJ Mic Mixxers
When ya gotta dance!!

Clower Power Web Consulting Services
Helping small to mid-sized businesses express themselves on the web.

Devil's Night Radio
Extremely cool internet radio with a playlist encompassing goth, psychobilly, rockabilly, punk, garage, blues, swing, and Americana.

Fresh Air
Alternative radio from the University of Edinburgh.

Mark Bingham Tribute Page

Mark Bingham was a gay athlete, businessman, and one of the heroic passengers on Flight 93 that likely resisted the highjackers on 9/11.

The Darth Maul Estorgen Brigade 2
A (mostly female) fan site dedicated to the Sith Lord, Darth Maul! Fan art, comics and lots of stories about the Horned One. 

The Velvet Underground Page 
The band that started it all...for altenative rockers, anyway.

The place to keep up on current events and discoveries in astronomy and cosmology.

Religious Tolerance
Explore the many paths that sprituality can take on this site and its many links.

Shrine of the Horned Gods
Learn about the God of the Hunt from his earliest incarnation in Paleolithic caves, to Pan, Cernunnos and the Green Man.

Ghost Towns and the History of the American West
Explore the relics of another time with this online guide to ghost towns all over the U.S.

September 11, 2001: Gay Victims & Heroes
A memorial and celebration of the many gay people whose lives were lost in the attacks.

Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist 
Is time travel possible? Do parallel universes exist? These topics aren't only in the relam of science fiction. Dr. Michio Kaku, String Field Theory co-founder and author of hyperspace and other science books, explains what cosmologists currently know about the nature of the universe.

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