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Dirty Sexy Comcs is a documentary, by Robert Chandler, on gay erotic comic makers - and I'm inrterviewed in it along with others, such as Patrick Fiullion, Steve MacIsaac, Jon Macy, and more. It opened in Palm Springs in 2018.

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Bent Con 2011!

Bent Con was a LGBT comic book convention. I exhibited my comics at the 2011Bent Con. I met a lot of cool people, fans, and artists I'd admired - it was great to hear that many of them knew of me and admired my art too. I was also on a panel called "Drawn This Way" with fellow comic creators Belasco, Wendy Pini, Jon Macy, Patrick Fillion, and Justin Hall (moderator.) A wonderful banner for my booth was printed by Artpartz.

Jeff booth 1 banner Jeff on panel Jeff booth 2

What People are Saying About Hearts & Iron...

A review of my comic by fellow comic artist/writer/blogger Rainer Hormann, in English.

An interview (in German) with me on the blog Samstag ist ein Guter Tag

An interview with me in Bear Mais magazine #42 (in Portuguese)

An article on Bear Nerd, a Brazilain bear site (in Portuguese.)

Bearotic.com article on my web comics!

Compete Magazine article on Hearts & Iron: "This Comic Strip Stands Out," August 2009 issue, back orders

Patte d'Ours/Bears paw 3.0, a French bear art site, with a page devoted to my artwork...

Pagina 12, an Argentine publication, has an article about me/Hearts & Iron and 3 other comic artists. I believe it's in Spanish - happy translating!

A review of Hearts & Iron from the Gay Comics List


Third Place and Honorable Mention in Drawing in the 2006 Arizona State Fair Fine Arts Show.

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